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This site is a collection of free resume writing advice, but if you need more help, you can also check out these other great resources.

Your Options for Resume Help

In Resume Help - Your Options, I outline some of the different free and paid resume help options available to you as you start your job search.

This section of the site includes everything from our free resume writing course to advice on seeking professional help. (And my course really should be step 1 if you're working on your resume - it's pretty good, even if I do say so myself!)

free resume help - resume writing ecourse

Recommended Resume Books

We have also pulled together a list of our favorite resume writing books (along with selections on career change, interviewng, job search and career management) and you can find our recommendations in our book store. Every one of these books has been personally selected, so we know you'll find them helpful.

Other Resume Resources

While we hope you'll find all you need on our site, we know you might need extra help, and that's why we've also collected some links to other resume writing resources from across the web.

Advice on Choosing a Professional Resume Writer

If you want professional help with your resume, read our article on How to choose a resume writer before you make your decision. Many people make the mistake of shopping for a resume writer based on price, but I strongly advise against this. Honestly, if you can't afford to hire a great writer, you would be better served to learn all you can and do the work yourself.

Instead, you should choose a professional based on their ability and experience, as well as your comfort level with their process, and my article explains the most important criteria.

Additional Resources

In addition to the articles on this site, we provide 3 great options for resume help.

1) Our free resume writing ecourse: This course takes you through the resume writing process and points out some of the key elements of a successful resume. I guarantee you'll learn something you didn't know.

2) My blog: I love to write about careers, job search and resume writing, and the Blue Sky Resumes Blog is a treasure trove of information on all these topics and more. Bookmark the site, subscribe to the RSS feed, or just drop in once in a while.

3) My $49 course: "The DIY Guide to Writing a Killer Resume" is literally everything you need to know to write a great resume. This book is available for immediate download, and takes you through my own proprietary resume writing process, all the way from blank page to job interview!

The book also includes lots of great freebies, such as 20 MS Word resume templates, a free guide to cover letter writing, and a free eBook on job search strategy.

We offer a full 100% money-back guarantee, so check out the book now.

Louise Fletcher is the President of Blue Sky Resumes, and Managing Editor and Co-founder of the preeminent careers blog, Career Hub. She is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and many of her resumes have been published in the JIST "Expert Resumes" series. She has contributed to many online publications including,, The Ladders, and Net Temps.

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