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about this site

Hi. I'm Louise Fletcher and I wrote all the articles on this website.

I'm the President of Blue Sky Resumes and Co-founder of Career Hub, which has quickly become the US's leading careers blog.

I'm also a Certified Professional Resume Writer, a frequent columnist for careers publications, and author of the course, The DIY Guide to Writing a Killer Resume.

My approach to resume writing is a little different from that of many professional resume writers. That's because I spent 15 years in corporate HR and I know what works in the real world.

I think of my work as career marketing and that's a theme that runs through every article on this site, as well as through my book and all my blog posts. Once you think of your resume as a marketing document, you can see all kinds of possibilities for making it stronger and more effective.

If you're looking for free information about resume writing, I hope you'll use this site and/or sign up for our free e-course. You'll learn a lot! (And we never spam you, or share your email address with anyone else.)

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If you'd like more structured help, with a detailed, step-by-step plan for resume success, I hope you'll check out my course.

And if you're looking for a professional resume writer, please feel free to visit the Blue Sky Resumes website for more information about our professional services. (But before you choose Blue Sky or any other resume writing service, do read my article about choosing a resume writer. We are not the right choice for every potential client and it's important that you make an informed decision.)

That's it! I hope you find this website helpful and good luck with your job search.

To learn how to completely transform your resume, sign up for our free resume writing course. We promise never to send sales spam.


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