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free reportMore people than ever are looking for work these days. And it seems most are frustrated with the process. Meantime, companies and recruiters are so overwhelmed that they are using automated systems to weed out thousands of resumes - resumes that are never even seen by a human being.

If you're not getting a great response to your resume, that's probably what's happening to you. The nature of the recruitment process makes it very difficult to get the attention of a recruiter even when you have the perfect background.

The key to success is to understand the hiring process in depth, and then design your resume and job search strategy to beat the system.

I'm a former recruiter and HR executive and I now run one of the US's leading resume writing firms. I'll be releasing a series of courses and articles to help you do just that. My free resume writing course is the first of these, and it outlines the inside secrets that help my clients reach the top of the resume pile.

In this 7-part course, you'll learn my P.O.W.E.R. Resume System:

  • Discover the shift in perspective that will transform your resume into a recruiter magnet.

  • Do the one thing none of your competitors are doing on their resume (Hint: sometimes less is more)

  • Learn my simple formula for proving you can add value. (This one change alone will boost your success rate and works for everyone from entry-level to senior executives).

  • Find out the secret ingredient that even most professional resume writers don't know.

  • Master one easy strategy to dramatically increase your response rate, no matter what position you are applying for. 

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